Driver job in Dubai


Driver job in Dubai

  • There are different types of jobs driving in Dubai, like Taxi driver Truck driver, as a limousine drivers all drivers job need a license and the permission to drive a car vein etc., for this kind of job you need to find out, it will take a time, to choose and get a lot of easier if you find the right tips and tricks that surely will save a huge time and will solve you employment issues,
  • You must have all completed documentation and be ready for procedure of applying for driver jobs in Dubai ,it’s not necessary that what vehicle you driving before, in Dubai and Malaysia you will be driving all types of car, cheap as well as ones expensive, it just important that for what kinds of jobs you apply for.
  • The right way to find driver job you need to sign up for free daily newsletter on every day surely you will get email of free jobs that mostly involve in transportation and driving.
  • If you really serious for driving job so first maintain your CV or resume make ready your licensed of driving must be valid you must have right type of licensed for the kinds of car you are driving and planning:
  • You must get information about the laws of traffic and accommodation, how to drive in Dubai city, restriction and laws related to moving in Dubai and Qatar, particularly this is your first tips to get driver job in Dubai or UAE,you must have information about do’s and donuts,if you drive bus and another vehicle, of transportation field, then there is special care and concentration,you must need to undertake as those are sometime dangerous and critical thing  to do, for this you must make attractive CV/resume and other supporting document, with decent covering letter once you complete your document task then applying procedure is very easy, sign up for weekly newsletter and get daily offer of job in transportation sector of Dubai.
  • There are various different kind of job is available in Dubai, but there are some requirement of driver in Dubai, these are written below:
  • Driver should be professional able to operate and assigned vehicle in continuous and safe manner,
  • Drive all vehicle must be authorized by UAE lice sense of driving to location, workshop, delivery to collection from customer and must be instructed by supervisor,
  • Drive should be able to coordinate the schedule for periodic major vehicle, are able to purchase of fuel and maintain the fuel, reports of incident, reports of vehicle condition, and other record that is appeal by the administration,
  • Ensure to commit and determine values, culture, vision, goals.
  • Drive must provide good continuous satisfactory and professional services pertinent to company guideline, chauffeur duty as whenever he is required,
  • Ensure to park as well as vehicle of guest in a respectfulness procedure,

  • Excellent skills of communication,
  • He should be able to presentable with services of customer orientation,
  • Valid driving licensed of UAE (manual transmission)
  • Education should be secondary school level.
  • He must have driving experience of at least 2 year with in any authentic organization,
  • Training and experience:
  • Employee must possess a valid UAE license of driver
  • High school or any equivalent combination of experience and training which provide regarding knowledge and information

  • The truck driver job in very strenuous and need huge amount of physical aim and labor, a truck driver is need to work on weird schedule in very hostile climate condition, a truck driver also need to check inventory, maps reading, must follow the regulation of traffic, bills reviving, and must be able to minor repairing work in case of emergency.
  • No high education is required for this job candidate must have knowledge of geography to map understanding, location sign on the roads,
  • Candidate must have minimum 2 year last experience of recognized company organization,
Driver must have awareness about security of public and safety measure and various policies which he must abide during driving.

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